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Innocent Part 1 (Short Story)


It’s like a nightmare. I remember this path, the site, the smell. Even though I’ve only physically been here once in my life, I’ve been here hundreds of times in my dreams. As I get closer the old oak tree comes into view, the one that’s stands beside her grave. I stared at for what seemed like hours the day of her funeral.  It looks exactly the same. The branches are thick and twist in and out of each other. I still remember following the lines on the branch of the tree that hovered above my head.  There are no leaves on it; just old decaying moss. It leers over me and casts shadows all around me. Dead leaves litter the ground underneath it; they crunch under my feet as I get closer and closer to her.

My chest starts to feel tight and my heart is fluttering, I take a deep breath but it doesn’t relax me. I stop a few paces in front of it; I can barely make out her name on the grave. Out of everything in this god forsaken place it’s the only thing that’s changed. The flowers that were once bright and vibrant are gone and in its place, long, sharp weeds. I would have guessed, if I hadn’t known myself that no one had visited for years. The marble isn’t white anymore; the moss has changed it to a yellowy, green colour. The rain has weathered away the words but they’re etched in my mind.

‘Tessa Thorn


Loving daughter and sister’

And just like that, it’s back again, that horrible moment of impact.

The music is always the first thing I’m aware of, my sister’s favourite song at the time.  She is singing along laughing as I turn to look at her just for second.  I give an over exaggerated groan in pretend disgust. I turn to look at the cracked road, my hand tight on the steering wheel. I sigh as I start to think about the large amount of work I have to do this weekend. I can feel the strain in my forehead as I frown. She asks me what’s wrong and I tell her it doesn’t matter. She is quiet after that.

Suddenly there she is, the little girl. I’m never sure if I actually saw this or if my mind made it up.  She is standing on the side of the road. Her blonde hair is being tossed behind her by the wind. Her dark blue winter coat and her blood red tights are the only vivid colours that I see. The background behind is just black and gray. Then she darts out in the road. All I see is a blur as we get closer and closer to one another. I feel my heart freeze in my chest as slam the brake on. I see her eyes, those bright blue eyes widen in fear for just a second.


A Series of Unfortunate Events TV Show by Netflix Review

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If you know the story line then ignore this next couple of sentences but if you don’t carry on reading. Basically the story follows three young intelligent children whose parents have perished in a fire that destroyed their entire home. They bounce from relative to not really relatives trying to escape an evil man called Count Olaf who is after their massive fortune.

The books are actually for children which is odd considering how messed up the story line actually is, I mean *SPOILER* Count Olaf tries to marry one of the children who is only fourteen!  Anyway as someone who has read the books I was sort of disappointed with the series itself. I loved Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf, he portrays him perfectly in my eyes but they made it funny. I know that the story is so ridiculous that it should be funny but the books aren’t funny.

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Even though the narrator constantly tells you to stop reading which is supposed to sound serious but comes off as a joke clearly, it is a serious book. There are awful things that happen like murder, kidnapping, fraud and fires. I feel like the added sense of humor almost ruined it, I have to admit the humorous parts were funny but it make me like the movie more and the movie version isn’t even that good. Due to the funny bits there is no emotion coming from the story, you don’t feel the sadness of the children who have just lost their parents or the dread of what is going to happen to them next.

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The Violet, Klaus and Sunny casting was okay, I like that they actually cast children (Malina Weissman (13) and Louis Hynes (15) that were of similar age to the children in the books. In the movie both Klaus and Violet looked too old for their parts of being 12 and 14. However there is just something not right about them playing the parts they don’t seem as clever or witty as the children in the books. Oh and don’t get me started on their outfits, (Violet would never wear bright pink.)

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I however liked how accurate the plot for example *SPOILER* they added the scene from the third book when they went to the clown restaurant and ate the peppermints. I appreciated this so much because I hadn’t read the books in ages and it brought back so many good memories.

Overall even with the faults I can’t say I won’t continue to watch it because I want to carry on seeing my favourite books on screen. I just want for the TV series the only good part of the film version which was the emotion. The scene at the end of it where they find a letter from their parents (I know it’s not in the book) and you want to cry because of the beautiful music (The Letter That Never Came – Thomas Newman). Without it, the books doesn’t come to life because you don’t feel what the narrator feels which is sadness for the children. They both are almost a separate from each other.