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The Fire Within Part 2

I was tripping over myself as I ran down the corridor, looking behind me every so often. When I was outside in the warm summer air, my eyes searched for Cal while my mind raced about who the hell this psycho was that had just tried to kill me. There he was sitting alone under a large oak tree, reading some physics book. His tanned skin against  his blonde hair made it look golden even in the shade of the tree. I rushed over, by the time I was standing in front of him, my breathing was heavy and I could feel the sweat running down my forehead. He looked at me; his eyebrows raised and then placed the book aside.

“What is it now? Did Mr Keegan try to give you extra work again?” he asked, rummaging in his backpack.

“No nothing like that. Look this crazy girl or boy not sure to be honest just tried to kill me” I gabbled looking at him intensely.

“Look Lia I know you think this place is weird, we all do. I mean people just don’t suddenly take you away to a place like this and it not turn out to be weird. Seriously though we have been here for two years and it seems pretty ordinary. You want my opinion I think its good here; we have nice bedrooms and tasty food so I don’t understand what your problem is. You always want it to be something else, like in movies where we are all actually aliens or something and they want to do tests on us. ” he said, pulling out an apple from his bag.

“No listen to me this person pulled off the door in the bathroom and tried to kill me. You’re going to think I am crazy but something strange happened to me, fire I am not kidding just came from my skin and went onto the man or woman. I ran away but I think they’re dead”

He stood up to face me, still holding his apple “Show me then, show me this burnt body of some woman or man that you think you murdered”

“I just ran away from there, I don’t want to go back Cal what if they are dead and it’s entirely my fault.”

“Seriously Lia you just don’t want to go because this is all bulls**t” he said taking a bite out of his apple.

“Right fine I’ll go but only to prove that it happened” I said turning away from him back to the door from which I had come from.

I heard him behind me rushing to shove his stuff in his bag and then him running to catch up with me.

I stayed silent as he went on about how I was totally lying and had a wild imagination. When we reached the girl’s bathroom, he looked at the door and sighed.

“I really don’t want to go in but I am only doing this to prove I’m right okay? If this is some joke to get me to go into the girl’s bathroom so you can tell everybody later, I will kill you” he said before he pushed open the door.

I followed and looked to the stall which should have been all burnt and broken but it wasn’t. The bathroom was back to its usual state; even the mirror was no longer cracked. There was no one here.  Cal looked at me and raised his eyebrow again.

“I knew it this was a joke, seriously Lia this isn’t fair. I don’t pull this c**p on you to embarrass you, do I?” he turned and left me alone staring at the stall.

“I hadn’t imagined it all, had I?” I thought.

The Fire Within Part 1

The Fire Within Part 1


After class I realised I was bursting for a pee so I headed down the dark corridors to the toilets. I had used this bathroom many times before but this time when I pushed open the swinging door the room felt different. My senses seemed heightened, the hairs on my hairs were sticking up and I could hear every sound.  The familiarity of the room was gone, I felt like I was now in a strange place which didn’t feel safe anymore. As I walked past the cracked mirrors that hung above the dripping taps, I looked at my reflection in one of them and but it was split in half. The mirror was now cracked right down the middle; the crack was so perfectly straight that it could have been cut.  I studied it for a moment realising it hadn’t been like that before. My eyebrows wrinkled up in confusion, my eyes squinting as I thought of what could have done such a thing. Suddenly feeling the urge to pee again, I headed to the stall that was at the end of the sinks and closed the rusty door, it clattered with a bang. I pushed the lock as hard as I could because I knew from experience that the locks were stiff as hell and no way did I want someone bursting in on me mid pee. I had just sat down on the loo when I heard a movement getting closer and closer. I froze, holding my breath in as the sound of shuffling reached the front of the stall, there was a large shadow underneath. Suddenly the door ripped off and I stared into the eyes of a huge stranger, he or she had the angriest eyes I had ever seen. Suddenly instead of feeling scared like a normal person, I felt this surge of anger run through me like fire. Suddenly the fire I felt inside seemed to leap from my body and fall upon this angry person. The angry eyes turned to frightened eyes within seconds and they stumbled backwards screaming. I pulled up my clothes and raced from the room still needing to pee desperately.