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The Widow in the Window


The widow in the window,

Is sitting all alone.

She doesn’t seem to realise

That no one’s coming home.


She’ll sit there for hours,

Looking down the drive.

Imagining his face,

Waiting for him to arrive.


When it gets dark,

She will still be there.

With tears in her eyes,

And an ongoing stare.


The house they had built together,

Was once full of love and life,

Now it creaks in pain and loneliness

As she is no longer his wife.


His things are all around her,

She never puts them away.

His unscuffed shoes on the floor,

That is where they will stay.


She keeps his badge,

Safely locked in a drawer.

Like one day he will need it,

To fight the next war.


The flowers are dead,

Petals litter the ground.

They are the last ones,

That will be found.


In her black clothes,

From some days ago.

The dust is settling,

Like the winter’s snow.


Light shines through the window,

Onto her withered, pale, cold face.

Strangely, now a smile is on her lips,

She has gone to her happy place.