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The Figure

The Figure


I wrote this poem for University a year ago, I was trying to personify depression make it something you could see physically. The figure in this poem is scary, ugly, dark and controlling which is what I feel what depression is.


The Figure

I edge through the scratched door.

There you are in the gloom,

Restlessly waiting for me.

Arms folded, head drooped.

You don’t look up as I enter,

You don’t have to see me.

Your black tangled filthy hair

Dangles on the dusty, dark floor.

Your dirty fingernails are sharp,

As the pool of blood drops down.

The fear is rising in my body,

As time goes reluctantly by.

Your head is slowly rising,

My heart starts to palpitate.

The sound of screaming,

Is ringing in my ears.

All I want is to escape,

But it’s keeping me in my place.

You look dead straight at me,

Your eyes are unblinking, lifeless.

You begin to shakily rise,

Like my presence brings you strength.

Your arm extends out to me,

You want me to join you.

With all my will power,

I step back as far as I can.

Your eyes slightly bulge in surprise,

And you roughly shake your bloody arm.

Your sinister eyes are now angry

As you suddenly grab at me.

Suddenly, I am alone,

I can feel it sinking in.

The figure isn’t real,

It is just in my head.

Yet it controls my life,

Makes me wish I was dead.

Everyone has their demons,

Yet mine seem to stay.

The Fire Within Part 1

The Fire Within Part 1


After class I realised I was bursting for a pee so I headed down the dark corridors to the toilets. I had used this bathroom many times before but this time when I pushed open the swinging door the room felt different. My senses seemed heightened, the hairs on my hairs were sticking up and I could hear every sound.  The familiarity of the room was gone, I felt like I was now in a strange place which didn’t feel safe anymore. As I walked past the cracked mirrors that hung above the dripping taps, I looked at my reflection in one of them and but it was split in half. The mirror was now cracked right down the middle; the crack was so perfectly straight that it could have been cut.  I studied it for a moment realising it hadn’t been like that before. My eyebrows wrinkled up in confusion, my eyes squinting as I thought of what could have done such a thing. Suddenly feeling the urge to pee again, I headed to the stall that was at the end of the sinks and closed the rusty door, it clattered with a bang. I pushed the lock as hard as I could because I knew from experience that the locks were stiff as hell and no way did I want someone bursting in on me mid pee. I had just sat down on the loo when I heard a movement getting closer and closer. I froze, holding my breath in as the sound of shuffling reached the front of the stall, there was a large shadow underneath. Suddenly the door ripped off and I stared into the eyes of a huge stranger, he or she had the angriest eyes I had ever seen. Suddenly instead of feeling scared like a normal person, I felt this surge of anger run through me like fire. Suddenly the fire I felt inside seemed to leap from my body and fall upon this angry person. The angry eyes turned to frightened eyes within seconds and they stumbled backwards screaming. I pulled up my clothes and raced from the room still needing to pee desperately.